Reined Cow Horses

Specific training in the 80m x 40m arena combined with regular mustering and paddock work ensures all our horses have the skills and temperament required for competitive reining, cutting and campdrafting.

Astonlee's focus is on breeding, training and campaigning reined cow horse progeny from our champion mare Playgirls Whiz. Quality mares are an essential part of a successful breeding programme, competitively proven mares even more so.

About Reining

Einsteins RevolutionWimpys Little StepPlaygirls Whiz

The origins of Reining lay in a cowboy or stockman needing an agile & responsive horse; one that changes direction easily on the correct lead, stops quickly and turns to chase after an errant cow, and then stands quietly whilst observing the herd.

Reining demonstrates the ideal qualities of a horse through a set pattern of circles, lead changes, spins, stops and rollbacks. Through reining a rider learns to instinctively communicate with their horse by only the lightest touch of the reins and leg pressure, controlling its body position in any given situation. A horse trained in reining is willingly guided with no apparent resistance, staying calm and collected whilst responding to the rider's command.

Competitive reining is designed to show the athletic ability of the ‘ranch type’ horse in the confines of a show arena.

Contestants are required to run one of eleven approved patterns, divided into seven or eight manoeuvres, including small slow circles, large fast circles, lead changes, 360 degree spins, and the exciting sliding stops that are the hallmark of the reining horse.

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